FSA Logo & Usage

Do you need to use the Food Shippers of America logo?

Food Shippers of America (FSA) has strict guidelines in using its logo. The FSA brand logo must be consistently used following the guidelines of its Brand Style Guide in all printed and online communications. Here is our protocol:

Guidelines for Approval for FSA Logo Use by Outside Parties:

  • Requesting party must have a vested interest in the use of the logo, i.e. member company, supplier who is a conference sponsor or a supplier who is attending the annual conference.
  • Requesting party must submit graphic layout of planned use for FSA approval and submit via email BEFORE requesting the Brand Style Guide.
  • Requesting party in the field below must provide a statement of the planned deployment of FSA logo in their promotional efforts (i.e. websites it will be posted on, magazines it will appear in, etc. Guidelines for Approval for FSA).
  • Requesting party agrees to these terms and conditions when downloading the FSA Brand Style Guide. 

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