Tips from the Pros: How to Evaluate the Age of Your Fleet the Right Way

Are you wondering how to start evaluating your trailer fleet’s age and condition? Whether you run a trucking company, manage logistics, or lead a private fleet, this guide is for you.

The best way to squeeze the most value out of your fleet is to evaluate its age and strategically select the best mix of trailers for your situation. Supply chain issues and the pandemic have pushed trailer prices higher and forced many fleet managers to hang on to older equipment longer. That means now is the perfect time to reassess your fleet, shuffle assets, and determine a ratio that provides long-term advantages for your operation.


This guide covers the following:

  • Every trailer serves a purpose at any age
  • Warning signs of an outdated fleet: where to look
  • How to evaluate your fleet’s age
  • How to know when it's time to retire your trailers
  • How to get more value out of your trailer
  • Designing the perfect fleet mix
  • Trailer ages: the pros and cons

Do not miss out on this guide!



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