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What Technology Providers Deliver on their Promise of Innovation?

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The FSA Top Food Chain Technology program recognizes technology innovators that serve the food chain industry. Using the voting link, select a maximum of 10 companies that you know has a solid reputation as a technology innovator (you do not necessarily need to have used their products or services).

Top Food Chain Pros



AutoScheduler provides an intelligent warehouse orchestration solution that works with a company’s WMS to optimize all warehouse operations with specific constraints.


Breakthough empowers shippers with data, technology solutions, and market knowledge to reduce cost, create fair partnerships, and improve transportation network efficiency and sustainability.

Edge Logistics

Edge Logistics is a multi-mode transportation solutions provider that has developed its own technology, Capacity by Edge, which enables carriers to access the portal in real-time to find shippers and secure loads with state-of-the-art digital freight matching.


Emerge is transforming transportation and logistics with its Digital Freight Procurement platform, which provides access to direct capacity and live market conditions.


Emerson provides cold chain solutions to help mitigate food waste, provides full insight and control over refrigerated containers, and provides perishable products in transit. It recently launched premium monitoring services that aggregates sensor data points to help customers better manage their cold chain.

Everstream Analytics

Everstream Analytics delivers insights and risk analytics businesses through artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive analytics by integrating with procurement, logistics, and business continuity platforms.


FourKites is a supply chain visibility platform that extends visibility beyond transportation into yards, warehouses, and stores. It combines real-time data and machine learning to track more than 2.5 million shipments daily across road, rail, ocean, air, parcel and courier and reaches more than 185 countries.

iGPS Logistics

iGPS Logistics is North America’s only pooler of 48” X 40” GMA-spec plastic shipping pallets, which are 100% recyclable, easy to clean and sanitize, and more durable than multi-use wood pallets. It maintains a pallet pooling model so customers don’t need to maintain and manage their own costly fleet of pallets.

JLT Mobile Computers

JLT Mobile Computers is a leading developer of reliable computers that are customized for specific requirements of the food industry. JLT supports customers from device selection through system design, integration, and lifecycle management.

Kam-Way Transportation

Kam-Way Transportation provides single and multi-temp trailers rated for food safe transport, clean and well-maintained for the freshest deliveries of perishable goods. Fully tracked and compliant with third-party reporting solutions, customers get real-time access to the state of their loads using Kam-Way’s portal.

Leaf Logistics

Leaf Logistics improves transportation planning through strategic use of data analytics and machine learning. Its platform connects shippers, providers, and partners to gain network efficiencies and unlocks a forward view of the transportation market.


Lytx is a provider of machine vision- and artificial intelligence-powered video telematics, analytics, safety, and productivity solutions for commercial, public sector, and field service fleets. Its solutions leverage video to empower drivers and fleets to be safer, more efficient, productive, and profitable.


nuVizz is a delivery and transportation orchestration SaaS platform company with a transportation visibility platform that quickly and easily empowers a transparent and fully optimized delivery and fulfillment lifecycle.

PLM Fleet

PLM Fleet provides fleet solutions in refrigerated transport and leads the industry in understanding regulatory and operational impact within food shippers’ handoffs. PLM TrustLink™ is a comprehensive cloud-based IoT management solution for automated, touchless, supply chain ecosystems.

Princeton TMX

Princeton TMX uses leading-edge technologies to offer a next-gen TMS solution that streamlines and optimizes transportation transactions. It helps to optimize and automate transportation processes, including load tendering and carrier assignment.

RFgen Software

RFgen Software provides high-reliability mobile barcoding software that directly integrates with enterprise software to help reduce cost while increasing efficiency. It enables automation of critical inventory, warehouse, and supply chain workflows for 3,000+ customers worldwide.

RLS Logistics

RLS Logistics is among the top 10 warehouse providers in North America and uses Anello, its customer platform, to provide data analytics for food shippers to make educated business decisions.


RoadSync is a digital financial platform that offers fast, convenient, secure ways to move and manage money to dramatically reduce payment processing time and maximize revenue collection.

Raymond Corporation

Raymond Corporation, a Toyota Industries Company, is a provider of material handling products and intralogistics solutions. Its integrated automation, telematics, virtual reality and energy solutions provide ways to optimize operations and improve performance.


Tive provides real-time supply chain visibility to help manage in-transit shipment’s location and condition to ensure shipments arrive OTIF. Tive’s solution provides data generated by industry-leading trackers allowing clients to actively optimize their shipments and unlock supply chain insights.


Transplace, an Uber Freight company, powers one of the largest managed transportation and logistics networks in the world with $15 billion of Freight Under Management (FUM). Its tech-enabled services and solutions focus on three key areas: logistics technology and solutions, capacity services, and cross-border logistics.

Uber Freight

Uber Freight is a logistics platform built on the power of Uber to reshape global logistics and deliver reliability, flexibility and transparency for shippers and carriers. It has built one of the world’s largest digitally-enabled carrier networks and has transformed pricing and booking practices to reduce inefficiencies and increased growth and collaboration opportunities.

UChain Group

UChain Group has FreightSmith, which provides a fully digital contactless inbound solution from gate to gate which allows delivering drivers to check-in, receive direction/communication, and pay for unload services via the FS app. It provides full visibility of status to carrier dispatches through the web portal in real-time, providing visibility in the “black hole.”


Vector is a digital platform built to improve throughput that provides shippers, carriers, retailers and 3PLs with a contactless, data-driven solution to make pick-up and delivery faster, more efficient, and more collaborative.


Zethcon is a provider of supply chain execution software and services. Its flagship product in the Warehouse Management Systems category, Synapse, offers a scalable, configurable platform suitable that provides the necessary tracking and traceability for dealing with food and food-grade commerce and distribution.


Select a maximum of 10 companies that you know have a solid reputation as a technology innovator. Remember: you do not necessarily need to have used their products or services.