Top Food Chain Technology

What Technology Providers Deliver on their Promise of Innovation?

TOP Food Chain Technology logoTechnology is the backbone of the food supply chain. The "Top Food Chain Technology" program is an industry mechanism to identify standouts in the food transportation, logistics, distribution and supply chain management industry. Managed by Food Chain Digest, the official magazine of Food Shippers of America, this program highlights technology platforms, applications and the innovators that create them to help food shippers be more aware of all the options available to them in the industry.

Here's how the program works:

  • Complete the nomination form below (there is no fee to apply or nominate). You must be authorized to nominate the company and/or technology solution.
  • Nominations are reviewed by the editorial team at Food Chain Digest to confirm validity and minimum threshold of requirements. 
  • Final candidates are placed on a ballot and voted by shippers only. (IMPORTANT CHANGE FOR 2024: Only food manufacturers, distributors, and retailers will be allowed to vote to ensure integrity of the program).
  • Those named to the "Top Food Chain Technology" list are formally notified by the editorial team at Food Chain Digest. Winners also have the opportunity to advertise and purchase a licensing package for authorized use of the logo and receive a physical award for display. 
  • Recipients of the award are published in Edition 2 of Food Chain Digest as a valuable reference guide for transportation, logistics and supply chain decision-makers in the food industry.

Minimum Thresholds for Qualified Nominations:

  • Your annual gross global sales must meet our minimum threshold (U.S. $5 million)
  • Your organization must qualify in the category of a pure technology provider
  • Your solution must be a stand-alone product outside of traditional 3PL offerings
  • Your nomination must adequately articulate how your company, product and/or service solves a business problem for food shippers
  • Your description of an impressive achievement in the last 12-18 months must meet our standard requirements
  • The recent example of how your solution helped a food shipper accomplish a business goal must be adequate and quantifiable

Note: Make sure to maintain a record of the nomination, as we will NOT fulfill requests to provide copies of the nominations after submissions. (Suggestion: Develop the nomination in a Word Document using the fields above and then copy/paste the responses into the online form).